Measuring Your Window

Once you’ve picked your shutter color, it’s time to get some measurements. You can’t choose custom vinyl exterior shutters if you don’t know what size to order! Luckily, measuring your windows is easy. Just keep reading.

Start by measuring the width and height (or length) of each window. Don’t include the window frame in your measurements. Remember, in the past, functional shutters would’ve closed inside the window frame. That’s why you don’t include the frame when you measure.

Matching those measurements to available shutter sizes is easy. A good rule of thumb is to choose shutter widths that are close to ½ the measured width of the window. Functional shutters of previous eras were designed to cover the window completely without overlapping when closed. If you choose shutters that are far too narrow or far too wide, they’ll look fake. Even if your shutters aren’t functional, you may as well honor the long tradition of beautiful exterior shutters. Shutters that are half the width of the window just look better!


Use this handy chart to match window width to shutter width. Then choose a shutter length (window height) that matches the height of the window which you measured. Remember, that measurement shouldn’t include the outside window frame.

Once you’ve got your shutter style, color, and measurements, you can place your order. We recommend Mobile Home Parts Store for beautiful custom exterior shutters at competitive prices—FREE shipping included!

While you wait for your shutters to arrive at your door, better read up on installing them. Click here to proceed to Installation!