Installing Vinyl Shutters on Your House

After all of our children moved out of the house, my husband and I decided to downsize. It was far more house than we needed so we decided to buy a smaller ranch in a nearby neighborhood so that we could still be close to our kids. But, before we could sell the house we had, we knew that we needed to do some serious improvements. The interior had been remodeled just a few years ago, so we just needed to freshly paint and then it would be as good as new. But the outside was a sorry sight. We had let it go, admittedly, and needed to give it some serious elbow grease. We power washed the exterior of our house, which made a huge difference. We also did our best to eliminate the weeds from the front yard and planted some flowers to brighten it up. But, our home still looked old.

One of the major eyesores on our home was the shutters. We had wooden shutters that had faded with time, and some of them were broken. What was once a bright and vibrant red was now dingy, and we knew that if we wanted our curb appeal to mean anything then we should buy new vinyl shutters. Too many of ours were broken. We were able to find some great prices at Mobile Home Parts Store. We bought some custom vinyl shutters that fit in with the other ones in our neighborhood to create a cohesive look. We also picked out a new color to make our home stand out among the others, which we think is what drew in customers. Vinyl shutters were the answer for us because they not only cost less than wooden shutters, but they also are much more durable. We thought that it could become a potential selling point for us.

We ordered our vinyl shutters from Mobile Home Parts Store and they arrived quickly on our doorstep. We had a few questions about installation, and we were able to call them and they helped us figure out exactly how to put them up. All the parts that we needed came with the vinyl shutters, so we didn’t need to run out to the store for any reason. It was all so easy; if I could I would order from them again!

We had an open house right after we installed the shutters, and we got three separate offers afterwards-all above our asking price! We like to think that the new vinyl shutters gave off such a good first impression that they were what sold the house. We made a huge return on our investment, and would recommend looking at installing vinyl shutters for anyone who is selling their home (or, anyone who just wants their home to look nice!).