Custom Classic Panel Shutters

Decorating Windows with Style

Houses with custom classic panel shutters always merit a second and third look. They provide the right touch of elegance and enhance the architectural beauty of the house. Whether these shutters are for decorative or functional purposes, there are a lot of options available to meet your particular need.

It is important to remember that shutters come in many shapes, colors, sizes and textures. Sometimes, with so many options in the market, it gets overwhelming and difficult to pick the one that matches the home. Designs that are rustic in appearance are available for those who are aiming for a rural look. Likewise, modern designs are at hand to complement a more contemporary home.

Below are just a few of the considerations to look for in choosing the right custom classic panel shutters:


Custom classic panel shutters can be made of wood and are popular choices for some. Pine and poplar are inexpensive materials, as compared to cedar and redwood which age well but can be quite expensive. Cypress, Basswood, Mahogany and Maple are just some of the examples of wood that are often used for strength and durability. Depending on the budget, you can determine if wood is the right material for your shutters.

For most homeowners who want durability without paying a steep price, custom classic panel shutters made of Duraprene are a smart choice. Duraprene is a wood substitute and is preferred by most environmentalists because it helps in the conservation of trees. It is made of synthetic polymer of propylene, is very affordable and can be easily customized to fit the existing design of your home. Colors are vibrant and are moulded in the material to resist fading and to give it an elegant and polished look.

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Custom Classic Panel Exterior Shutters

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Custom Classic Panel Double Wide Exterior Shutters

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Custom Classic Panel Triple Wide Exterior Shutters

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Custom Classic Panel Quadruple Wide Exterior Shutters

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$200.33 - $480.79
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