Purchasing new Outdoor Shutters

Recently, my wife and I made the decision to redo the outside of our house. I had just received a large bonus from my job, and we saved up enough money over the year to give our house a long-overdue makeover. We decided to start by painting the outside of our home. We wanted to go with a new color-the white on our house was already faded and looked more gray than white. We painted our home a light brown color that we thought matched the landscape around our home well.

The only problem was that now our light brown shutters looked terrible and blended in with the siding too much. We knew our old shutters were battered and worn out. After careful deliberation, we decided that the best route to take would be to completely throw out our old outdoor shutters and just buy new ones. Then, we wouldn’t have to paint them and waste time on shutters that would probably fall apart anyway.

We went to our local home improvement store to begin looking for new shutters, and received immediate sticker shock. I had no idea outdoor shutters could be so expensive! We started rethinking our plan once we saw the prices-maybe it would be better just to paint our old shutters and continue working. We got home and began searching online for shutters, and we found this awesome website, Mobile Home Parts Store, that listed outdoor shutters for way less money than our local home improvement store. They had a wide variety of shutters that were inexpensive and could be shipped right to our home. We found some beautiful, rustic red shutters that were the perfect accent to the new brown color of our home. They were delivered in just a few days, and we were able to easily install them onto our home. After we finished improving the exterior of our house, we began working on the flowerbeds and grass. By the time we were done improving the exterior of our home, it looked like it had just been built. My wife and I were so proud of ourselves!

The feature of our improved house that really made the difference was the set of outdoor shutters we bought from Mobile Home Parts Store. The customer service team was super helpful the entire time we worked with them, and the shutters add a new splash of color to our home. We know that we will recommend them to all of our friends who are looking to make home improvements. We can’t thank them enough for their wonderful service!