Polypropylene vs Abs Shutters

Polypropylene vs. ABS Shutters: Which Shutters are Right for You?

At Custom Exterior Shutters, our products are made from different kinds of plastics, each of which have different properties and benefits. Today, we’ll analyze polypropylene vs. ABS shutters, both of which you can find under our “Economy Shutters” tab. Polypropylene can be manufactured in many different ways, so it ranges in price from relatively inexpensive to high-priced, depending on the product. It is more difficult to mold, and it is a low-temperature material.

ABS has many of the same properties as polypropylene, but it is constructed differently. This difference in composition and creation makes it more expensive than polypropylene, but it also has more impact strength and is offered in flame retardant grades. Depending on if you live in an area with inclement weather, this can be critical to your shutter selection. For instance, if you live in an area that has sand storms or tornados, the resistance of your shutters is an important element, because there’s a good chance that your shutters will be knocked around and face a lot of rocks and wind. On the flip side, if you live somewhere that has extreme temperatures, choosing shutters that can withstand the heat is important.

No matter what shutters you decide to buy, Custom Exterior Shutters has you covered. We have both ABS shutters and polypropylene shutters in a variety of styles and colors. You will be able to customize your order in any way you want to ensure that you receive the product that you’ve been dreaming of. And, if you have any questions, the friendly staff at Custom Exterior Shutters will help you find everything you need, including helping you make a decision about which shutters will be perfect for your home. Get started building your dream home today with our long-lasting, reliable shutters. You won’t be disappointed with what you find.