Installing Your Shutters

If you want your new shutters to look great and last for years, you need to install them properly. While good shutter installation requires that you follow detailed instructions, it’s not difficult. Anyone with the right tools can do it. Also, shutters from a reputable vendor will come with specific installation instructions. For example, every shutter set from Mobile Home Parts Store includes instructions to help you get your new shutters attached. While these instructions will be your authoritative guide to installation, we’ll give you a general overview of the process here. That way, you’ll have a good idea what to expect when you unpack your new shutters.

1. Measuring and Marking

Once you have your new shutters, you’ll want to hold them up to the window to mark your measuring holes. If you ordered the proper length of shutter, your new shutter should fit perfectly between the lines of your upper and lower window frames. Align your shutter between the upper and lower frames; ensure it is flush with the vertical window frame; and mark your holes.

2. Drilling

You’ll want to use the proper drill bit for the kind of wall you’re drilling into. For example, you’ll ruin a regular drill bit if you use it to drill into brick or masonry. Note that your choice of mounting screws vs. shutter spikes, as well as the type of material you’re drilling into, will determine the size of drill bit you should use. These factors will also determine the depth of hole you need to drill.

3. Mounting

You’re almost done! After your holes are drilled, it’s time to mount your shutters on the wall. If you marked and drilled your holes properly, this step will be simple and easy. If you’re using the color-matched screws that came with your shutters, place the first screw in one corner. Use a hand screwdriver, not a drill, to tighten the screw gently to a snug fit. DON’T over-tighten it! That could cause your shutter to warp. Now align the opposite corner of the shutter with its hole and install that screw. Continue installing screws diagonally around the shutter, as you would when mounting a tire on a car.

If you’re using shutter spikes, you’ll follow the same procedure, though you’ll tap the shutter spikes in with a hammer. Take care as you tap the spikes in, and consider using a small hammer if you have one. You don’t want to damage the vinyl spikes or the shutter itself.



After you’ve installed your shutters, the only thing left is maintenance. You’re in luck—vinyl shutters require very little upkeep! However, you’ll still want to read over our general recommendations. Click here to proceed.