Installing Custom Shutters for Curb Appeal

Last month, my husband and I decided that we needed to improve the looks of our home’s exterior. We’ve been thinking about selling our house, and really wanted to improve the curb appeal and make it as impactful as possible. We know that first impressions are hard to undo, and if we’re going to make a first impression, we want it to be a good one. We found that one of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior is by replacing outdated shutters. Our shutters were beaten and worn down-we decided that even though they could be painted, it would be a better selling point if we bought brand new shutters and did the landscaping ourselves. We knew it would be an investment, but we knew we’d get a big return.

We looked at local home improvement stores, but all of their shutters were pricy, so we started looking online. That’s where we found Mobile Home Parts Store. They have every kind of custom shutter you could possibly want, and inexpensively, too! We sorted through all the kinds of shutters we could get, and ended up with louvered shutters in red. Our home is ivory colored, so the shutters really pop against the neutral base color. The custom shutters are vinyl, but are made to look like wood. This is great, because we wanted our home to look traditional. But the cool thing about vinyl shutters is that they are super durable. They won’t wear and tear the same way our wooden ones did, which we can point out to potential buyers if we do decide to sell. And, if we don’t decide to sell, then we won’t have to worry about shutters ever again! It seemed like the perfect solution to our shutter problem.

Mobile Home Parts Store sent us our custom shutters quickly. Then we had to install them! We really thought it would be more difficult than it was. It was actually incredibly easy once we found a video online telling us how to install them using the spikes that came with our shutters. We watched the video carefully and followed all of its instructions to a tee, and it was easy enough to get all of them on our home.

Later in the week, we met with a realtor about potentially putting our house on the market. As soon as she stepped onto our property, she commented on how much she loved our shutters and how much they complimented and suited our home for the neighborhood. We didn’t think that the change would be that noticeable, but apparently it was! We know that we still have a lot of work to do in our yard, like weeding and planting and painting, but we know that we made the right decision by ordering our custom shutters from Mobile Home Parts Store. We can’t thank them enough for how beautiful our home looks now!