Sometimes, the exterior of your home needs more than exterior shutters alone. If you have windows with transoms, many retailers offer quarter-round tops as well as rectangular transom tops which you can use to accent this part of your home’s aesthetic.


If the exterior of your home features a vent, usually found on the top floor under the roof peak, you may want to mount a louvered octagon or a raised panel octagon there. These octagons can be painted to match the color of your shutters.


Some shutter styles benefit from the addition of extra accent elements. Things like decorative hingesand S-hooks can provide a beautiful accent to your home’s overall aesthetic. Note that these decorative elements are often not paintable.


Lastly, if you don’t want to use screws to mount your new vinyl shutters, consider vinyl shutter spikes. Simply tap these into the hole with a hammer, and the angled teeth on the spikes will hold them in. Note, however, that you will have to cut the heads off the spikes if you ever need to take your shutters off.