5 Ways to Repurpose your old Exterior Shutters

So, you’ve decided to replace your wooden exterior shutters with convenient and affordable vinyl ones? Good choice! You will be thankful for years to come. Vinyl shutters won’t weather and fade with age, unlike your previous wooden shutters. But now that you have brand new vinyl shutters installed on the exterior of your home, what to do with your old wooden ones? Below we have listed five ways in which you can repurpose your worn and weathered shutters to become something beautiful in your house.

Make a table

For side tables, all you need are some “legs” and a top. With some scrap wood and spare paint, you can take four of your shutters and make a country chic side table. By nailing together four of your wooden shutters and adding that scrap wood to the top, you have a brand new and inexpensive table. You’ll probably want to repaint the table so that the table top matches the shutters, but we’ll leave that decision up to you.

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Make a photo hanger

New and unique ways to hang shutters are always welcome. Creating a wooden exterior shutter into an indoor photo hanger is a creative way to display some of your favorite captured moments. By distressing and painting your shutters, your new rustic photo hanger will become a focal point in your home. All you need is to affix it into the wall and buy some photo clips or old clothespins.

Source: http://westfurniturerevival


Make a mural

Used collectively, your old exterior shutters could have a powerful effect on your home decor. By painting the shutters different colors and arranging them geometrically, your shutters can become a piece of wall art in no time.

Source: http://www.oliveandlove.com


Give your bed a stylish new headboard:

For a rustic and country feel in the bedroom, think about repurposing your shutters to become a brand new headboard. All your exterior wooden shutters will need is a coat of paint and a few screws or nails and they’ll be ready to slide behind your bed in style.

Source: http://www.girlinair.com/2011/02/old-shutters-headboard-tutorial.html


Make a ceiling mosaic:

Who says shutters can only be hung on walls? Your ceilings could use a little inspiration, too! Shutters hung on ceilings can create just as interesting an art piece as any mural or painting or sculpture. Guests will be amazed at how beautiful and unique your ceiling is, and you’ll be proud to show it off. All you need to do is hang the shutters on the ceiling the same way you would on a wall. Attaching them may get a little tricky, but the end result is worth the extra bit of effort.

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