5 Tips When Installing Outdoor Shutters

Your outdoor shutters can be an attractive detail for your home or a distracting eyesore. Updating your home’s shutters is one way to renovate the exterior of your home, but hanging them yourself can be a little daunting. Below, we’ve outlined 5 tips you should follow when installing your outdoor shutters.

Make sure you have ALL the hardware: Nothing is more frustrating than planning on an afternoon to hang your shutters, bringing out all your tools and ladders, and then realizing you don’t have the right hardware to install your shutters. Some shutters only need regular screws, while some others can require extensive hinges. You’ll need specific hardware, especially if you want your shutters to be functional. Do some research on installing your outdoor shutters to make sure that you have everything you need before you begin hanging them.

Make sure you’ve measured it out: Figuring out exactly where to place your shutters on your house is a tricky matter. Depending on whether or not you want functional or decorative outdoor shutters, your shutter placement will be different. If you are hanging decorative outdoor shutters, they will hang on the outside of your window frame. If you are hanging functional shutters, you’ll want to hinge them directly to the window frame.
Bring a buddy: When installing second floor shutters, it’s a great idea to have a second person hanging the shutters with you. While up so high, having someone to hold the bottom of the ladder and make sure that you are safe. They also will be able to get you supplies so you don’t have to keep getting on and off the ladder. On a convenience level and as a safety measure, it’s always a great idea to have a second person to hang shutters with you. 5 tips when installing outdoor shutters

Make sure it’s all level: Finishing your job and realizing that the work you did looks terrible is just as frustrating as not having the hardware to begin your project. If you complete your shutter adventure to discover that your outdoor shutters look crooked, then all your hard work will be for naught. Invest in a level and use it well.

Talk to the professionals: In the end, it’s okay to ask for help. You may be having difficulties drilling into your mortar, you may think that your shutters are too tall, or you may be unsure about where exactly to hang your shutters. You aren’t expected to be an outdoor shutter expert, and you should call professionals if you get lost.

Mobile Home Parts Store has a staff full of professionals ready to help out whenever you run into a snag. Hanging shutters can be a difficult and tricky endeavor, and we understand that. We want to help you have the best looking outdoor shutters possible. So, if you do find yourself in a bind, give us a call. Our team will be able to help you with whatever problems you have.