Flower and Shutters


What Flowers to Pair with your Board and Batten Exterior Shutters If you have board n batten shutters, then chances are, you want your home to have a rustic look. To ensure that your home retains this look, you need to make sure you have the right kind of flowers planted in front of your
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Polypropylene vs Abs Shutters


Polypropylene vs. ABS Shutters: Which Shutters are Right for You? At Custom Exterior Shutters, our products are made from different kinds of plastics, each of which have different properties and benefits. Today, we’ll analyze polypropylene vs. ABS shutters, both of which you can find under our “Economy Shutters” tab. Polypropylene can be manufactured in many
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Outside Window Shutters

Window Boxes and Black Shutters, Charleston SC

Choose The Best Outside Window Shutters For Your Home So, you’ve decided to improve the exterior of your house. That’s great! There’s nothing better than improving curb appeal to raise the overall property value and let your home make a statement. If you’re redoing the outside of your home, your shutters have probably come up
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Exterior Vinyl Shutters


Choosing the Best Accessories for your Exterior Vinyl Shutters Now that you’ve made the great decision to invest in exterior vinyl shutters, consider getting the proper accessories to make them shine. Before you even begin looking at shutter accessories, you’ll need to decide what kind of look you want your home to have. For instance,
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